Fundraising Tips

Thank you for fundraising to protect and provide clean water worldwide! 


Once you have a date set to walk with your group, ask your group to ask for sponsors ahead of the day or to bring a donation the week of March 16-22, 2020 or to the event itself.  Group members can go to our home page and register for the event and make a donation there.


You can do this now and meet your fundraising goal early! Let people know your goal amount and that the proceeds are going to clean water worldwide and many will make an extra donation! *These are all opportunities to not only raise money for communities in need but to also invite others to join the worldwide walk!

LET PEOPLE KNOW THE COSTS OF PROTECTING AND PROVIDING CLEAN WATER TO EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. It’s easier to make a donation if you know what you are donating to! Let people know that these are the costs:

  • $25 provides a family in need with a life-saving water filter
  • $50 plants 5 new trees
  • $100 provides a classroom in need with clean water
  • $500 plants 50 new trees
  • $1000 helps fund part of a well for a village
  • $12000 provides a well for a village in need

Can’t find the answers to your questions? Contact us here.

For more information about sponsorship and volunteer involvement, contact:

protecting and providing clean water worldwide